Dark Caesar with Temple Fade

< RETURN TO TRENDS ALL BUSINESS All business. All day. These hair and beard trims are representative of the working professional. Whether you’re the fast track up the corporate ladder, or an already established successful business executive, draw inspiration from our all-business cuts. Recommended Services: Barber Cut, Wet Shave, Beard Trim, Barber Facial DARK CAESAR WITH TEMPLE FADE [...]

Temple Burst Fade

< RETURN TO TRENDS TREND SETTER For a trendy cut or a revolutionary new style, we have you covered. Considering a fade, pompadour or undercut? Find the looks here and envision how they can elevate your style and cool confidence. Recommended Services: Barber Cut, Beard Trim, Kid’s Haircut TEMPLE BURST FADE An extremely close fade in [...]

High Taper Fade with Comb Over

< RETURN TO TRENDS THE UP AND COMER If you’re a recent college grad or someone who is on the fast track to make a name for yourself in the Columbus community, these hair trends are for you. You show great promise in your line of work and that perfect high taper fade or a [...]