At Royal Rhino Club Barbershop & Lounge, our team members are dedicated to our COVID-19 protocols to keep everyone safe.

A bit more detail about the big safety protocols in the ‘shop:

iWave Air Purification Systems clean our air. This system eliminates 99.4% of airborne pathogens, including coronavirus. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air. As a result, a healthy environment is created without producing any harmful by products. (iWAVE video.) (iWave FAQ sheet.)

microSURE technology + spray treatment safeguards against 99.99% of germs and bacteria, including coronavirus. This superior formulation instantly kills germs on contact, offers three months of protection, and is a non-toxic, eco-friendly formulation. We apply microSURE every 30 days for extra protection on all surfaces and touch points throughout our barbershop. (microSURE video.) (microSURE FAQ sheet.)

We’re committed to safety to keep you looking good.

We’ve compiled a run down of all the things that we’ve done, and will continue to do, to keep health & safety a top priority.


How We Plan To Stay Squeaky Clean

  • Like always, our shop is professionally deep cleaned every evening. Our cleaning crew is continuing to use a hospital-grade disinfectant on all high touch areas like door handles, table top surfaces, faucets + more.
  • All throughout the day, our team will be focused on sanitizing all areas, surfaces, and implements that are guest-facing like door handles, countertops, credit card machines, etc. Hand sanitizer and various personal care products will continue to be abundantly available all throughout our salons.
  • All grooming experts go through required sanitation classes in order to renew their license bi-annually. But, rest assured, all grooming experts have completed an additional sanitation class focused on COVID-19 preparedness.


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